PPH News : Bookies Earn in NFL Week One


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Sunday was punctuated in PPH news by the tremendous earning potential that the New England Arizona game gave some of us.  Wonderful to see all of us back here once again at Maxi Sportsbook.  Looking at Week One of the 2016 NFL Regular Season, one could not believe all the traffic that was breathing life into the opinion that the Carnidals were not only going to beat the Pats but crush them.  Spread started to move as the flow of money dictates where the market goes.  Let us look at what happened, how all the bookies earned, and why those online were the biggest winners of all.

PPH News : Attempt to Balance

Now I usually have a legion of die hard Patriot fans that would fall on their swords for this team by betting any spread.  However when the faces of the franchise could not play then they defected to their “enemy” for one week.  Brady finally got suspended and Bronk did not even board the plane due to an injury.  Those in New England and bandwagoners all over the nation bemoaned their fate and got off the bus.  They switched to the Cardinals.  With all the vig and then the imbalanced wagering, those bookies online via a Pay Per Head benefited from more traffic and a pro Arizona sentiment.


Pay Per Heads create the means of not only collecting but generating new sports interest during any hour on each day.  Easy to navigate interfaces not only gets the customers where they want but also gives them an array of impulse purchases.  MLB game on ESPN so why not put a little something on the outcome?  Did not know you could even bet the UFC let alone how many rounds the fight can go?  I can bet on the ponies from over 75 tracks all over the United States and abroad!  It is about bringing a hungry world all the sports wagering options the buffet has to offer.

Pennies per customer generates many dollars in new traffic.  Not only attract new people but increase the volume from your tried and true client base.  See for yourself all the options a pay per head has to offer.  Do it today because the 2016 NFL season has plenty of wagering momentum on both sides of the fence to capitalize on today.