NFL Schedule Week One Starts You Off in the Proper Direction

NFL Schedule Week One

Plenty of information in an easy to read format is what the NFL Schedule Week One should provide to catapult the sports bettor into the 2016 regular season.  Coming to the end of the work week and it is marvelous to see everyone back here at Maxi Sportsbook.  Today we leap forward to September.  Right after the Labor Day holiday, we are going to be baptized once again in another profitable NFL season.  We require a handy resource to allow us to scope the terrain for the games that are beacons to our bankroll this year.

NFL Schedule Week One : Firing Lines

Even though the season starts in Denver on Thursday the 8th, we see from NFL Schedule Week One’s website one game more attractive with profit potential.  The odds on favorite to get fired first in the 2016 season is coach Jim Caldwell.  Here he is behind the eight ball right away as his Lions are on the road against Indy.  Andrew Luck is anxious to reassert himself into the AFC South.  Detroit has to find a new path through the air with the retirement of Calvin Johnson.  With a second year running back that is more that a tad bit fumble prone, we suspect that this game is the one where a blowout is most likely to occur.  Circle the date and lean on the Colts for this 4:25PM start.

The Rest of the Feast

With the data from NFL Schedule Week One, we can pluck the tastiest morsels to watch, wager, and profit on.  Usher in the new era of the Rams with cash tailing or fading their exploits on Monday Night Football against the 49ers.  Can the Pats hope to keep it close without Brady as they stroll into Arizona on Sunday Night?  So many questions that if answered correctly can cause profit to flow towards our bankrolls.

Load up at Americas Bookie to take advantage of the ideal situations week after week.  Over burdened linesmakers that can not hope to be razor sharp on every offering.  Decode what they missed and pounce on those games.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at Maxi Sportsbook.