Expand Your Overall NFL Action with Team and Player Props

The start of a new season of football in the NFL is always a great time of the year for an independent sports bookmaker. The huge increase in betting action creates a steady flow of cash and some deep profits to the overall bottom line of your business. However, you could actually be leaving quite a bit of cash on the table if you are not expanding out your betting board with team and player props for the games.

Today’s online sportsbook software as provided from a quality pay per head provider is designed to completely level the playing field between a private bookie and the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. The price per head company’s job is to get you all the betting lines you need in a fast and sharp manner and your job as an independent bookmaking agent is to build out your board to at the very least match your major competition.

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Team and player prop odds for individual games have become of big part of the overall betting mix when it comes to the NFL and you never want to run the risk of having even one of your sports betting customers looking someplace else to place their bets. If you do not offer them as part of your NFL betting package, you will run that risk of losing business to another bookmaking outfit.

One of the biggest reasons why you should offer NFL team and player props on a weekly basis is the added profit these type of bets tend to bring in. Unlike the risk involved when the bulk of your betting action is all lumped on a couple of favorites in a number of straight bets, you will have the ability to really spread the money around when it comes to the action on props. This can turn into a great profit center given just how many different team and player props are released for each and every game.

Another big benefit of pushing weekly props to your entire sports betting customer base is the added revenue these types of bets tend to produce. Most times the action coming in on these team or player props is in addition to a player’s normal straight bets on the spread and total line. They view props as an added way to make some money as opposed to an alternative to actually betting the spreads and totals on the games. This in turn adds up to some extra cash in your pocket and over the course of a 17-week regular season schedule this added stream of revenue can really start to add up.

Just like anything else you do to build and grow your overall bookmaking business, you have to be committed to creating a marketing plan to promote NFL team and player props. You need to get the word out to your entire customer base as to the availability of these added betting opportunities. You cannot afford to sit back and hope that your betting customers find out that you also offer game day props.

You have to take the bull by the horn in Week 1 of the new NFL season and actively promote these props right across the board. Maybe you can create some kind of bonus incentive or promotion to get the ball rolling. Sports bettors love to feel like they are getting something for nothing so giving something small upfront to generate a bigger return down the road always makes good business sense, especially in the highly competitive world of online sports betting.