College Football in Full Swing: NFL Knocking on The Door Choosing the Right Sportsbook

For all of you that love to bet on football this is most definitely, the best time of the year. August is your favorite month. Every football fan probably loves betting on baseball, basketball and many other sports but it’s not the same. We are a special group. Football is second to none and we must have it.

Wait no longer, find a great sportsbook, the time is now. This season is going to be better than ever.

Forget about who your favorite teams are or who you like to bet or even how you like to bet. This is not about that. You are a football better and you hold the cards to your own destiny this season.

You probably do need some good advice when it comes to choosing the right sportsbook. With so many of them out there how can you possibly know which is the best? Which ones are top tier, with a great reputation and which ones you can trust for complete transparency?

It takes an enormous amount of time, patience, and exhausting research to really understand and know which sportsbooks that you can really trust with your money. You probably wouldn’t trust just anyone to be your Dr. When you look for a good family physician, what do you do? You do some research, you look to the internet for reviews, you ask around, you talk to co-workers and friends. You find people that are knowledgeable and you relay on their recommendations.

A Dr. is someone that you may use two or three times a year. Let’s hope that you don’t need him very often! Even though you may only see him a couple of times annually; you still want and look for a great Dr. with an outstanding reputation.

As a football fan, you will visit your sportsbook much more often than you do your Dr. You will visit your sportsbook probably daily, at least until after the Super Bowl. Between college and the NFL; there are more than 150 games a week to bet on! That’s a ton of action, you want the right sportsbook.

Let us help you. We have done our homework. We have spent the mind-numbing hours researching the best sportsbooks available on the internet; so, that you don’t have to. You have a busy life and don’t have the time needed to do this, but you want to deposit with a trusted book, look no further. We have created a short list, of the better, more reputable sportsbooks in the business.

Our research is based on countless hours of personally dealing with online sportsbooks. We have a combined working or playing experience of more than 100 years at such place as Bally’s, Caesars, The Stardust, (which no longer exists but was the home of the original Las Vegas line) you can trust us, we know the business.

We have asked some questions that every player should know before choosing a book…

  • Do they pay and pay quickly?
  • Do they cater to and want US players?
  • Do they offer easy, no hassle deposit/withdrawal options?
  • What about customer service, can you call and talk to a real person?
  • Are they quick to resolve disputes?
  • Are their lines/odds competitive?
  • Do they offer great bonuses that will not saddle you with unsurmountable roll over?
  • What about freebies and sports betting contests, do they offer any?

These are some of the most important questions that can be asked when deciding on what sportsbook is right for you. Most of the “superbooks” (the ones with the big names) no longer cater to US players and their customer service is impossible to deal with and they are slow to pay you. Who need this?

We have scoured the internet, hammered out the research and come up with three best sportsbooks for you to consider for betting NFL. All of them come in at an A+ when considering the above questions.

  1. Americas Bookie
  2. Bet33
  3. 1Vice

These are the top three sportsbooks that meet all our criteria. They are honest, and trustworthy books that you can depend on for this football season. Best of all, they are not sorry losers. When you beat them, they pay and they pay quickly. Have fun and break the bookie this year.