Bet on NFL Exhibition Games

NFL Exhibition Games

Situations that go beyond the traditional math models line knowing when to Bet on NFL Exhibition Games can be quite profitable.  Good morning everyone and thank you for returning to Maxi Sportsbook.  Today, we take a look at the NFL preseason.  Most of the time it is just an audition of talent on the lower tiers to determine quality of depth.  On occasion, it goes beyond this.  These situations are where the oddsmakers struggle with for your benefit as we shall see tonight.

Bet on NFL Exhibition Games : LA

Most of the time, the camera pans and we see empty seats in those exhibition games.  The results for the teams mean little to nothing but the profit spends the same in our pocketbooks.  Our job is to determine when extra effort is warranted in this.  The return of NFL football to LA is one of them.  Organization added 10,000 seats to get everyone who wants in to see this event.  Better believe that the franchise is going to pull out all the stops for their future fans.  This includes a better than traditional effort on the field.

Line got Consumed

Linesmakers just pasted on the traditional -3 on the home Rams for the home field advantage.  Sharps and fans of LA have obliterated this line to a point where – 5 1/2 has been seen in some markets. The human factor of getting off on the right step and having positive word of mouth trumps the need to look at depth in this one.  Team will be flying high.  It is a special situation and each week in the NFL, there are some if you know where to look for them.

Each week has these scenarios where overworked linesmakers can not keep up with every little detail surrounding all the games.  Good fortune in your 2016 NFL betting.  Take up the gauntlet right now because money making opportunities on your football wisdom are already here.