Bet NASCAR : Sprint Cup Chase


With the last regular season race in Richmond, the onus on how to Bet NASCAR shifts to the Sprint Cup Chase format.  Maxi SPortsbook welcomes one and all back to our site.  With the field down to sixteen, there are four distinct stages that must be traversed to be crowned champion.  We will go over these levels and see how the onus on winning ramps up as the field gets reduced down.

Bet NASCAR : Stages

First stage has sixteen drivers that compete over three races.  Win and you advance.  The next highest eleven drivers points wise will also go through so that would leave us down to twelve.  From there, the win counter is reset and it is a second free for all.  Now this dozen gets to compete at

  • Charlotte
  • Kansas
  • Talladega

As in every stage, if you win it that one then your advancement is automatic.  The non winners have to finish in the top eight with four more drivers being sent home.

Even More Riveting Races

Eight racers left really produces the pedal to the floor as only four can advance to the final stage.  If there are three distinct winners at Martinsville, Texas, and Phoenix then there is only driver left who can advance on points.  This quad then go to the final event which is Homestead-Miami where the Sprint Cup Chase champion is crowned.  Lots of entertainment value and profit to boot.  Pick the right driver and tail him to the end for plentiful profit in your Americas Bookie account.

So many weeks of action on the television.  Fierce competition that involves not only winning but strategy as to where to place to advance.  Americas Bookie will have lines for every single event in the Sprint Cup Chase.  Deposit today and race off into the sunset with potential profit bulging from your wallet.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at Maxi Sportsbook