Bet MLB Playoff Chase

MLB Playoff Chase

Late August has arrived with the onus of how to Bet MLB Playoff Chase theories being debated all across America.  Great to see everyone here again at Maxi Sportsbook.  Today, we look at two elements that are still very stable in wagering baseball as September approaches.  Some teams have packed it in.  Rookies and second tier starters are beginning to infiltrate more games.  Join us now to see where to start your search each morning for bankroll growth in MLB speculation.

Bet MLB Playoff Chase : 100 + IP

Starters are not all created equal.  Those that make it beyond the 100 inning mark at late August have shown both ability and health.  This establishes a long reference point to look at their performances.  To gain the best perspective of how they might do entering a game, one has to only make a quick comparison.  Recent form of last three to four games against the overall stat line for the season.  How far above or below indicates how they can propel or punish their team?  This is the most valuable piece of information in a game where both starters are above this minimum inning mark.

Big Bats Going Bye Bye

Right now we are in the boomtown of the Big Bats.  High heat and humidity are causing fly balls to go those valuable extra feet in the air.  Overs in games are hitting at an above average rate as the linesmakers were slow to the uptake in this trend.  Now our job is to look ahead two weeks or so.  Drop in humidity will be first.  Lower temperatures will soon follow.  This will give pitchers the ability to pitch at players aggressively again.  Check weather in pitcher friendly parks in September.  Go with the unders in the totals to make a quick buck for the rest of the season in cooler weather.

This is the continuation of a series of how to bet articles.  Some are introductory pieces while others deal with certain segments of the season.  Keep up with us at Maxi Sportsbook for all the knowledge that will put your bankroll into overdrive here at Americas Bookie.  Good fortune in your sporting ventures until we speak next time.